Webinar: Win with Language and Content on Social Media

About 89% of Hispanics “like” Facebook, but what about Twitter and Instagram? Should your brand have one bilingual page or a separate page for each language? What key words make your posts more “shareable”?

SocialMediaCuriosity piqued? Then join us on our 30-minute webinar where we’ll provide a solid foundation of Hispanic attitudes and behaviors across platforms, as well as a better understanding of effective language and content strategies. You’ll walk away with insights and recommendations that will enhance your social media efforts and better harness the influential power of Hispanic consumers!

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Key takeaways of the study include:

1. Facebook dominates as the most popular social media platform.

More Hispanics have a Facebook account (89%) than any other platform (Twitter: 56%, Instagram: 50%, Pinterest: 44%, Snapchat: 23%, Tumblr: 20%, Vine: 18%). Additionally, Hispanics report checking Facebook the most frequently and liking it more than any other platform.


2. Social is mobile.

Bicultural (51%) and unacculturated (57%) Hispanics primarily use their smartphone to check social media. On the other hand, acculturated Hispanics (44%) are significantly more likely to primarily use a computer for social media.

3. Audience and content influence consumers’ language choice on social media.

On social media, most Hispanics communicate with their family in Spanish, and their friends in English. Respondents are more likely to post personal content and culturally relevant content in Spanish.

4. Consumers use Spanish to express themselves personally on social media.

Respondents reported being more likely to post emotional content in Spanish, and many reported being more likely to use Spanish when feeling happy or angry.

5. Brand’s language choice on social media is important.

Most Hispanics prefer to see integrated bilingual language content on a brand’s page. Most respondents, particularly older Hispanics, do not like it when brands use Spanglish. For less acculturated consumers, Spanish-language content on social media increases click-through rate. However, many unacculturated consumers believe Spanish-language content on social media signals an entire Spanish-language website experience.

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