What do moms in Houston think about my idea?

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Latinum is a unique insights supplier, integrating a 100% in-culture team with world-class analytics and a powerful insights platform. We start with what we already know through our shared cost resources, and we then layer on what you really need.

One recent example of network activation in practice…



Insights Generation in Practice:

A Unique Package Test with Unacculturated Hispanic Moms


The Challenge

For example, we worked with a consumer packaged goods company that wanted to understand how their target segment (less acculturated moms) would react emotionally and rationally to a new product form factor launching in select markets.


Our Solution

The first step was to comb our vast knowledge base to understand how Latina moms reacted to similar concepts in the past. We uncovered specific visual and mnemonic cues that didn’t rely on bilingual packaging or signage and had proven successful in previous executions.

We then conducted an online survey to gauge appeal and understanding of the product line. We leveraged our VozLatinum online community to target 250 less acculturated moms of Mexican origin—a similar target to the Houston pilot market.

The survey revealed many high-level issues that needed further exploration, including concerns about price and value. Given the nature of our VozLatinum community (“ready to go” at any time), these concerns were quickly assuaged because we were able to design, field, and get results back on this research within a week.

Initial insights led us to design qualitative research comprised of 12 90-minute online triads with moms in Houston. Before we talked to them, however, participants were sent to purchase similar products in-store and photograph items they would consider buying. They then provided an in-depth examination of the display and product selection.



The actions for our client were clear: respondents preferred products with the “old” form factor and had difficulty finding the new one. They picked other competitive products with a specific color palette and remembered in-store Spanish promotions. Price was an issue based on the perceived volume of the new product, so we recommended better communication on the equivalent size multiple of the old product. Participants also gave clear feedback about the specific stores in which they would expect to find this new form factor.

Armed with this knowledge, our client was able to tweak the new form factor before the broader launch, drive a successful shopper marketing program, and focus their retailer footprint. We’ll go ahead and toot our horns here: the result was a rousing success.

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