How do I make the multicultural case to the CEO?

Latinum’s Three-Step Approach to Gain C-Level Buy-In

Most multicultural marketers have also had the honorary title of “evangelist” at some point in their careers. If the enterprise doesn’t buy into the growth and influence of multicultural and millennial consumers, efforts tend to sputter out in what we call at Latinum the “vicious cycle” of multicultural marketing. And, when it comes down to it, the only proven way to get lasting enterprise acceptance is for the CEO to champion the effort.

Latinum has worked with over 100 companies to make this case to the CEO—in fact, it’s probably the most common question we’ve been asked over the years.


PreROIFirst, we help you to build the long-term vision;

We all know this transformation doesn’t happen overnight. We design the vision, first and foremost, to be consumer centric: the goal is to capture the company’s focus as it pertains to these consumer segments. Generally, we include both share and sales goals, outline priority brands, and tie everything back to corporate goals.

The end goal of this vision step is a one-page multicultural “pre-ROI” document (an example of which is shown at right) that can be shared across the organization—a touchstone that can be revisited over the years which forms a common ground truth for the multicultural effort moving forward.


Next, we outline and sequence the specific, detailed work items necessary to get to success

This is usually over a three year period—what we sometimes call a “glidepath.”  And this isn’t just high-level slideware; each step is aligned to our 150-page Cultural Continuum Playbook, a best practice manual for multicultural success spanning Strategic Planning, Organizational Design, Insights, and Execution.


Finally, we help design the Multicultural Organization

Again leveraging our Cultural Continuum Playbook, we help to think about the case-specific Multicultural Organization necessary to support commercial success. In some cases, we might recommend creating a “Center of Excellence” as a foundation, to build foundational capabilities and knowledge.

We then cycle through each department—marketing, sales, HR, and others—and outline their responsibilities in ensuring success.  Of course, these are just “floor plans,” and just like with any construction, we can always enhance and edit along the way. But, a great plan is the baseline for success with the fastest growing, most influential consumers.


At the end of the day, a CEO armed with a clear vision of commercial success, a phased glidepath, and a blueprint for organizational transformation is much more likely to identify multicultural as a top strategic priority, and your company will be much less likely to fall victim to the dreaded “vicious cycle.”
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