How can I learn from my peers in other industries?

The Network Advantage

When we founded Latinum, we knew that a network-based platform would give us an incredible advantage in the marketplace.

We’ve capitalized on that interactive advantage in four ways: executive roundtables, peer circles, collaborative benchmarking, and case studies.



Executive Roundtables

Our flagship executive roundtables—day-long events held four times per year—are built with discussion in mind. We combine world-class original research, member experience, and in-market examples with vibrant discussion to challenge our members and push the industry forward.


Peer Circles

We also facilitate peer circles, which are non-competitive, Latinum-facilitated discussions on any topic a sub-set of the membership wants to explore. Within the network, over 500 (and growing) marketing and research managers, directors, VPs, and CMOs meet routinely to talk, share, and ask questions in these non-competitive, topic-driven forums. Each peer circle has a designated topic, and we’ve covered everything from direct mail best practices to marketing ROI.


Collaborative Benchmarking

But the discussion and sharing don’t stop there. We also conduct what we call collaborative benchmarking with our members when the goal is to get to specific best practices and metrics. In these studies—which are included free of charge in a Latinum membership—we interview 20 or more member companies on a topic and then blind the collected results to create a report of go-do’s and benchmarks for metrics.


Case Studies

Last, many members also choose to contribute case studies to the network, which can be accessed through our Case Study Library. Our Case Study Library is a searchable database of over 1,500 case studies spanning industries, consumer segments, and channels. All in all, Latinum is a vibrant and engaged community of marketers, researchers, and executives who are trying to win with the most influential, fastest-growing consumer segments in the United States.


Sharing experiences and swapping war stories not only makes everyone more effective and efficient (who really wants to reinvent the wheel?), but it’s also comforting for members to know there’s a larger community they belong to. Their team extends beyond their office walls to the entire Latinum Network.

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