What Gets Us Up in the Morning

We are curious and passionate people who believe that powerful ideas, analysis, and insights can affect major change in our member companies. We believe that the multicultural economy, a fundamental transformation well underway, is one of our country’s defining characteristics in our lifetime. We are inspired by the possibilities of this moment and the opportunity to help companies do more with those consumers whose growth and influence has for too long been ignored or taken for granted. We are equally driven by scale and efficiency. By pooling resources across hundreds of brands, tapping into the power of the network, and productizing all that we do, our members get smarter faster and more efficiently.

Network Based Approach

Network of Market Leaders

We have close relationships with more than 250 brands, each of which brings best-in-class capabilities and a wealth of in-market experiences

Pooling of Resources

Our shared-cost approach allows us to invest more resources in building capabilities, assets, and real solutions in those areas of greatest impact to our member companies. But, it also allows us to go custom when we need it.

Yearlong Subscription

Our focus is on building deep, lasting relationships; members receive full access to our platform and services for a single annual fee, along with the ability to tap into custom consulting and research. Our flexible model allows you to purchase more hours from these teams should you need it.

Technology First

VozLatinum Community

Comprised of nearly 5,000 Hispanic consumers and representative across acculturation, country of origin, age, and gender, the VozLatinum community is a vibrant place to exchange views, give feedback to brands, and talk about what it means to be Hispanic in America today. VozLatinum offers our brands breakthrough Hispanic consumer insights, on topics they could never afford to examine on a one-off basis, literally every week. Because it's a community—not a panel—VozLatinum's members routinely let brands into their lives, revealing unexpected insights that standalone surveys can't touch. Syndicated agenda not enough? Use VozLatinum for private custom research, and extend it with over 100,000 additional Hispanic and millions of African-American, Asian, and "General Market" panelists sourced from our partner providers. The best part is that all of this data ends up in the same place—the Latinum data warehouse—so you can see access any relevant insights in one integrated place.

Our Tech DNA

  • Always-On Digital Platform: All Latinum content and tools are available on our members-only platform. If you're looking for something, the search bar will retrieve hundreds of results in a second, or browse our sections on Strategy, Case Studies, or Insights. Find something you like? Pin it to your company member page for sharing across your company.
  • Big Data Tools: Browse through thousands of survey questions and link them together to find unexpected relationships, or create custom market profiles to better understand consumers in specific areas. We are constantly investing in our tools, releasing features and new data on a two-week release schedule. Your Latinum membership guarantees that you'll be inspired by new content and new analytics throughout the year.
  • Agile Approach: We listen to our customers to understand the specific features and data that will impact their businesses—and these features are often added in months, not years. At Latinum, we are committed to a constantly improving platform, driven by our customers.

Our Culture

Founded in 2009, Latinum started with two guys and a PowerPoint. Since then, we’ve grown to nearly 50 employees. Our downtown Bethesda, MD office offers a young, dynamic workplace that is challenging, collaborative, and fun. Our Culture Committee plans local outings, celebrates birthdays, offers Summer Fridays, and more. Come work with us!


Our World Class Team

Latinum's talented staff is comprised of top-notch multicultural experts in the fields of consumer research, insights, analytics, marketing, and more.

Adam Paul

Associate Director, Research and Insights

Alejandra Montaño-Williamson

Director, Research & Insights

Alejandra Pasquel

Analyst, Research & Insights

Allan Hakky

Vice President, Technology & Engineering

Amanda Amezquita

Manager, Client Services

Amanda Wagner

Operations Coordinator

Ana Cristina Gadala-Maria

Associate Director, Client Solutions

Andres Holzer-Torres

Principal Software Engineer, Technology

Andrew Rouse

Director, Content

Andy Hasselwander

Senior Vice President, Products & Research

Ashley Henry

Manager, Business Development

Ashley Post

Senior Analyst, Research & Insights

Bailey Kielarowski

Associate Director, Client Services

Ben Tait

Senior Director, Business Development

Brian Shin

Analyst, Client Solutions

Brice Chaney

Vice President, Corporate Development & Operations

Bryan Augusli

ETL / Data Engineer, Technology

Camila Inarra

Analyst, Client Solutions

Carolina Better

Director, Content Strategy

Cristy De Obaldia

Associate Director, Client Services

David Wellisch

Co-founder & CEO

Ella Woger

Director, Client Solutions

Ernesto Aveledo

Manager, Business Development

Ida Chacon

Vice President, Client Solutions & Services

Jennifer Vaziralli

Chief Revenue Officer

Jessica Urzua

Analyst, Research and Insights

Karen Mattes

Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Kathryn Hallet

Director, Business Development

Katya Marin

Financial Controller, Corporate Development & Operations

Kyle Williford

Software Engineer, Technology

Lamine Sissoko

Senior Software Engineer, Technology

Matias Fernandez-Duque

Analyst, Research & Insights

McKenzie Beaver

Associate Director, Client Services

Michael Klein

Co-founder & President

Neeraj Mahtani

Director, Client Solutions

Paige Kaufman

Senior Analyst, Research & Insights

Phoebe Long

Analyst, Content Strategy

Reidel Bello

Senior Analyst, Client Solutions

Sarah Laughon

Analyst, Content Strategy

William Waite

Senior Manager, Business Development

Zekeera Belton

Senior Director, Client Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Latinum Network different?

Our mission, since we opened our doors in 2009, has been to help organizations grow their brands with Hispanic, African-American, Asian-American, and millennial consumers. We are lucky to work with more than 100 member companies and 250 brands—from large to small, novice to experienced—and have established Latinum as the leading multicultural business network. Our combination of market expertise and wide-ranging solutions means our members see us as an entirely unique partner that can help with anything from strategic planning and organizational design to consumer insights, product development, and execution. As we tell our members every day, “Bring any and all questions, problems, and challenges to us first… let us tell you we can’t do it!”

Our network model has proven effective because we have designed the business not only with members in mind, but also with their active participation. Because of this collaboration, we have invested in the right resources, tools, and frameworks to serve the most critical needs of our members, whether they be brand managers, consumer insights researchers, COE directors, or CMOs. Our efforts are designed to support each role across the marketing value chain as members design and implement multicultural and millennial strategies.

We already have a multicultural agency. Why would we still need Latinum?

Good question! We want you to think of us as your partner to establish, refine, or perfect your Hispanic, multicultural, and/or millennial strategy. As mentioned previously, we can plug in and support anywhere from strategic planning through execution. Need to complete market sizing? No problem. Curious what consumers think of your new product concepts? We have a solution for you. Wondering how to think about communicating with millennials on Facebook? We can give you best practices, case studies, and connect you with other brands who have been successful.

Our model allows for this breadth and depth because we have built a multicultural-millennial knowledge center with hundreds of articles and slides, as well as dozens of tools and frameworks to help you hit the ground running; you don’t need to start from square one as a Latinum member. Instead, you can take advantage of the collective knowledge within the network from Day One. This support allows us to help members directly or as a complement to other agencies and partners.

We also, as a network sitting in the middle of dozens of companies across industries, have the beneficial position of being an unbiased partner in the larger marketing ecosystem. For example, we don’t benefit directly from re-allocation of media investment from or toward Spanish language TV. Therefore, many of our clients find our guidance holds more weight with C-suite decision makers. Our expert team, led by Andy Hasselwander, Ida Chacon, and Graciela Eleta, works side-by-side with members, effectively becoming an extension of their teams. Think of Latinum as the best gift you could ask for as a marketer: dozens of extra arms and legs to help you make the case, structure your department, conduct research and vet ideas, and/or execute in market. Welcome to your new Center of Excellence!

What does a Latinum Network membership get me?

Your year-long Latinum Network membership grants you, at minimum, access to the following:

  1. Ample opportunities, both virtual and in-person, for peer learning, sharing, and commercial collaboration
  2. Direct access to multicultural and millennial consumers through our online consumer community, VozLatinum
  3. Marketing Across the Cultural Continuum, which is our proprietary, end-to-end Total Market methodology with four chapters: Strategic Planning, Organizational Design & Operation, Insights & Product Development, and Execution. In other words, the “how” of multicultural, millennial marketing
  4. In-depth content–articles, slides, infographics–on all major topics within the mutlicultural marketing space, including digital, shopper marketing, language and bilingualism, health and wellness, and cultural influence, among others
  5. Latinum’s multicultural-millennial knowledge center, including our digital platform, which has everything from market sizing tools, to consumer insights across categories and topics, to decision-making frameworks for execution
  6. A dedicated account management team to help you navigate our content, answer your questions, and fulfill your customized service plan
What does Latinum offer in terms of custom research and insights?

Our goal at Latinum is to provide members with an unparalleled level of multicultural and millennial research quality. We are a full-service research outfit, providing quantitative, qualitative, and community research that leverages innovative and cost-effective methodologies. We are unique in that our research analysts are fully bilingual and all of our moderators are in-culture. We use our breadth of research tools to create custom proposals for proprietary member projects.

Much of our research, both custom and syndicated, starts with VozLatinum, our 5,000-person online Hispanic research community. This community, complemented with non-Hispanic sample, powers our weekly syndicated engagement activities on everything from food fusion at Thanksgiving to OTT streaming content. The raw data and synthesized insights of these weekly engagements is available to all Latinum Network members through the digital platform. We have hundreds of articles and presentations with more than a thousand insights on multicultural and millennial consumers. That same community that powers our syndicated content is also available to all members to use as often as they’d like!

Can we “test the waters” with a project instead of a full Latinum Network membership?

Your year-long membership comes with many benefits, and it’s our wish that you enjoy the full suite of capabilities, research, insights, and tools that Latinum has to offer. While we don’t work on a per-project basis, we do offer a membership guarantee with the ability to withdraw at any time and receive a prorated refund.

Will participation in Latinum Network take an inordinate amount of time?

In a word: No. We are lucky to have substantial business network experience in-house; that means we know, better than most, that time is a scarce commodity for members. We have therefore designed the network to save our clients both time and money in three ways:

  1. We begin every answer to a member question or problem with our multicultural-millennial knowledge center. This resource keeps you from reinventing the wheel and allows you to take advantage of and build on what others before you have learned
  2. When the multicultural-millennial knowledge center isn’t enough, we turn to both virtual and in-person peer interaction to get the most impactful insight
  3. If a member has a question so specific or proprietary that it exceeds the limits of the knowledge center and the peer network, we will create a proposal for a custom project that gets you to an answer specific to your industry, category, business, and brand
How do I ensure that I get full value from my investment in the Latinum Network?

Our goal is to ensure that your Latinum experience delivers far more value than the cost—of both time and money—to participate. Each member has a dedicated account management team to work with across the year; this team will get to know you, your department, and your most pressing business challenges. Your account management team will work on your behalf to provide not only the best answers to your specific questions, but also keep you generally informed on the intersection of your category and multicultural-millennial consumers.
We will also, as one of the first steps in your membership, build a customized service plan that lays out the roadmap for the year. This roadmap will include syndicated content to get you started, peer interactions that will further your understanding, and custom projects to get you specifics when and where you need them. This customized service plan is meant to impact the critical business outcomes for each company in a given year.

How do you manage the competitive dynamic within the Latinum Network?

Our in-house experience managing other business networks has allowed us to implement processes common in other effective business networks. We’ve designed Latinum as an integrated platform of different types of services precisely for this reason. Some services are available to all companies in the network, each benefitting from the economies of scale and scope that come from being part of a larger group. At the same time, we are also able to manage more customized experiences inside the network: we avoid friction between direct competitors by creating cohorts of non-competitive companies for peer interactions. This fosters trust and comfort, which translates to a rich exchange of advice and experiences.

How do you maintain confidentiality of information for all your members?

Confidentiality is our stock-in-trade. We will never ask you to share anything confidential or that would be otherwise compromising. Any time we collect member information we aggregate the data and keep the results anonymous. This contributes to our role as a trusted intermediary, which we take very seriously, but, more importantly for you, delivers powerful cross-company insight and analysis otherwise unattainable for individual companies. Member case studies with proprietary insights or results are only ever published with the consent of the sharing member. But, as with any business network, the more members share, the more they get in return!