Imagine A Year With Us

Latinum Network equips leading organizations to better serve, engage, and activate their brands with the fastest growing and most influential consumers in the U.S. today—Hispanics, Multicultural, and Millennials—through a shared-cost network model

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Every company enjoys a unique member experience, but take a walk with us through a “typical” year with Latinum Network…

  • Day 1

    How do I make the multicultural case to the CEO?

    Every company is in a different stage of the multicultural journey, so the answer depends on inputs like category, target, and goal. We start, however, with your long-term vision, followed by share and sales goals, organizational implications and research needs, and we conclude with a picture of in-market success.

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  • Day 45

    How do I find growth in the multicultural economy?

    Today, success means finding growth—a tall order in the post-"Great Recession" era. But, finding growth doesn't have to be complicated. We've synthesized hundreds of multicultural growth strategies into four families. By applying this framework to your company, Latinum can help increase annual growth from "zero to meaningful" in four quarters flat.

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  • Day 97

    What do moms in Houston think about my idea?

    No matter your industry, offering, or target, we get you the intel you need to put great ideas into action. The approach varies by member need, but our creativity always leads to an answer. We start with shared cost resources, and then we tailor research solutions ranging from ethnographies to quantitative surveys.

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  • Day 185

    How can I learn from my peers in other industries?

    From in-person events to non-competitive peer circles, we facilitate all kinds and levels of peer interaction. Members walk away from these experiences not only more informed, but also inspired to innovate and push their companies out of their comfort zones.

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  • Day 274

    How do I measure success?

    Ah, the classic question of ROI. Every marketer needs to measure success and understand if efforts pay off. Multicultural marketing presents unique challenges that make that measurement more complicated. Fear not. We have identified the biggest hurdles to clear and therefore ensure members get both accurate readings and also don't overpay for media.

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